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Rekha Maitra was born in India in the city of Banaras. After spending her early childhood there her family moved to Madhya Pradesh (MP) where she grew up and completed her education by earning a Master of Arts (MA) in Hindi literature from Saugar University. She then worked with the American Peace Corps for a short period as a language instructor assisting the Peace Corps volunteers while teaching them the regional language.

Later she joined Government of India's Ministry of Home Affairs as Hindi Pradhyapika and worked as a teacher until her arrival at the US in 1978.While living in Bombay she was involved with various cultural societies organizing musical conferences involving  the established musicians as well as providing opportunities for the upcoming talents. One such organization was Bombay's well reputed "Sur-Singar Samsad" where Rekhaji has participated as a Compere for many years.

She moved to USA in 1978 after she got married. Her passion is poems. While living in Chicago she was a contributing member of a well known literary circle named "Unmesh". She has participated in various literary conferences held in the US over the past several years. Bani Prakashan of New Delhi has so far published six books of poems written by her between the time period 1997 and 2007. Her poems are primarily focused on the inner feelings of human emotions as influenced by nature, love, and various experiences of real life. Rekha Maitra currently resides in Germantown, Maryland.

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